Swing class options

In Frankfurt and the surrounding towns/cities (Offenbach, Darmstadt, Wiesdaden, Mainz) there are multiple schools and teachers. You can learn either in courses (usually 6-8 weeks, 1x 1-hour class per week) or workshops (usually on weekends, and are 2-6 hours of classes in either one or two days). If you’ve never done any swing dancing before, look for the classes labeled „Introduction“. Scroll down to see the calendar below for all class options.


Information on Locations and Teachers:


Frankfurt Central

Stephanie Bellmaine  :  Stephanie moved to Frankfurt in 2016 from Melbourne, Australia, but has been leading and following for over 10 years!! She teaches her own independent advanced swing, and blues classes, and also introductory to intermediate levels for the Monika Bauer Dance School in the inner city as of October 2017 (more info at https://www.monika-bauer.de/tw/kurse/boogie-swing-lindy/). She also offers private lessons, specializing in technique and incorporating follower creativity into the dance. You can contact her via Facebook or via the contact section of this website.

Friedi Reck  :  Friedi teaches solo jazz independently on Tuesday, and man does she know her stuff! Worth it for anyone interested in expanding their dance creativity.

Carsten Weber  :  Carsten Weber runs a dance school in the suburb of Höchst, offering regular introductory and beginner classes in swing, and also introductory blues. More info at http://www.die-tanzschule.de/fuer-erwachsene/swing/.

Michael Lamann  :  Michael Lamann is a well-known figure in the swing dancing scene, and offers independent classes in many swing styles. You can find more information on his classes on Facebook.


Swing Jets  :  A large and dedicated swing/boogie dance school, their classes are fun and comprehensive, with an assortment of teachers. They offer levels ranging from introductory to advanced. You can find out more about them at www.swingjets.de


Balboa Heiner: This dance school orginally offered courses only in Balboa (hence the name) but has expanded into all realms of swing teaching. They have several teachers in their group, and you can find out more about them at http://www.balboa-heiner.de/ (Though none of them are called Heiner – apparently that’s an old nickname for residents of Darmstadt).


Bruno Hargittay: Locally beloved dancer who’s expertise has risen quickly in his 3 years of dancing due to his overwhelming enthusiasm and his excessive diet of international workshop attendance. He teaches from introductory to intermediate levels at the Ralf S. Dance School in Wiesbaden. More info at http://www.tanzatelier.info/tanzkurse-und-mehr/tanzkurse/spezielle-tanzrichtungen/lindy-hop/.

There’s also some dude called Brian, pretty good dancer, but good luck finding his classes on the internet.