Welcome swing dancers and wannabe-swing dancers to Frankfurt!!

FFM is the abbreviation the locals use for Frankfut am Main (i.e. the city of Frankfurt located on the river Main, as opposed to the city Frankfurt located on the river Oder – I didn’t know there was two until I moved here either).


So, how do I go about swing dancing in Frankfurt?
There is no central swing dancing school in Frankfurt. There is no central swing dancing organisation. This makes finding classes and social activities quite difficult. But here we bring all the swing dancing information for Frankfurt and the nearby cities together, to make it is easy as possible to get out and enjoy this thing we call swing 🙂


Here are all the relevant facebook pages for the Frankfurt am Main swing dancing scene. Keep in mind, they are all in German, and everybody posts in German.
Swing dancing in Frankfurt (English language page, contains link to calendar of all classes and social events)
Swing is just around the corner Rhein-Main (regular updates of local classes and social gatherings)
hop-the-main.de – Swingtanzen in Frankfurt und Umgebung (regular updates of local classes and social gatherings)
Swing attacke (last-minute updates on social gatherings, often not involving actual dancing, but rather just socialising)
Swing Schicht Frankfurt (local swing dancing event organiser)
Frankfurt blues dancing (notification of events for blues dancing)
Balboa in Frankfurt (notification of events and classes for balboa dancing)
As of writing (2/10/17) this is the only centralised Frankfurt swing dancing website that contains all social and class information. There are some Frankfurt swing dancing websites that exist, but none are regularly updated, and do not contain all of the dancing opportunities that exist.
(Mostly) Defunct Websites: