Welcome swing dancers and wannabe-swing dancers to Frankfurt!!

FFM is the abbreviation the locals use for Frankfut am Main (i.e. the city of Frankfurt located on the river Main, as opposed to the city Frankfurt located on the river Oder – I didn’t know there was two until I moved here either).


So, how do I go about swing dancing in Frankfurt?

There are many places in Frankfurt where one can take classes and go social dancing. The weekly social dancing event takes place on Thursday nights, at a venue called Orange Peel, located on Kaiserstrasse in the central city. It is a bar and features a live band every week.



www.sugarfootswing.de – Frankfurt’s only dedicated swing dancing school. They offer courses for beginners through to intermediate-advanced. Their website also has a calendar that features most social events in the area, though the school does not personally organise any social events. They teach in English and German. The classes are located in Bockenheim, Frankfurt.

www.swingjets.de – A sport Verein in the nearby city of Offenbach (just a couple of train stations East) offers many swing dancing classes.

www.monika-bauer.de – This dance school offers swing at a variety of levels. The school in very central, on Kaiserstrasse in Frankfurt Innenstadt. The classes are taught in German.

www.die-tanzschule.de – The Carsten Weber Dance School also offers some swing dancing classes. They are located in Hochst, slightly southwest of Frankfurt city centre.



Here are all the relevant facebook pages for the Frankfurt am Main swing dancing scene. Keep in mind, they are (almost) all in German, and everybody posts in German.